• I notice a slightly different style with thicker, clearer lines and simpler colors! I like it quite a bit, perhaps it’s just the red hat but it reminds me of “Where’s Waldo”. Great joke today, too. Thanks as always!

    • theatheistpig

      Thanks. I wanted to mix it up and try a bit of a different style. Glad you liked it.

  • Amanda

    I showed this exact comic to a friend of mine, he responds with “I would ask the pig if he would let his enemies spend eternity with him if he had unlimited power..”

    How should I respond to this? 🤔🙄

    • theatheistpig

      That’s a great question, Amanda, and my answer would be that I personally wouldn’t want to live with my enemies for eternity, but you have to define what constitutes an enemy to god. Is someone who believes in a different god an enemy? Is someone who masturbates an enemy? Is someone who is an alcoholic an enemy? Is someone who was raised without the belief an enemy?

      Depending on which version of the god belief you subscribe to, all of these people could be destined for hell, although I wouldn’t exactly call them enemies. I probably wouldn’t blame god for keeping people like me who are hostile, and in direct opposition to him, out of heaven, but it seems cruel, and petty to condemn so many to eternal punishment for what appear to be finite “crimes.” You would think this supreme intelligence could have done better than to create such a system whereby a seeming majority of his creation is bound for eternal punishment, which is the point of the comic. I hope that helps and ‘m going to think about this more because it raises some good points.