• Good toon today, I like it! Christians really have to twist their logic into knots to accommodate uncomfortable points like this. Guess us logical, rational folk just don’t appreciate the mysterious ways.

  • Joshua A Brogan

    This hits close to home. My Mum died from alzheimers. Which version lived on after death?

    Neither.. I miss her every day and remember her will such fondness. She died 3 years ago yesterday and the healing is a long process. I have no illusions that I’ll ever meet her again. She is no longer suffering and ceased to be.

    • Steven Shuster

      Considering she lives on in her family’s memories, probably both versions lived on, but hopefully mostly the version before Alzheimer’s started affecting her.

  • emarsk

    Come on, it’s so easy! You return to be what you were before being born. So, uh, nothing, I guess.