• Honestly.

    If we have a discussion about islam, studying the sacred texts (Coran and hadiths) and analysing their compability with modern liberal and democratic societies, the conclusion would be… ban islam.

    But, we can’t conduct that process rigorously without doing the same with the Bible (jewish Tanaj + Gospels). And the conclusion it’s even worse! So what? Ban christianism (and judaism)?

    You’re right, we should talk, but… we can’t affort it because we simply can’t bear the conclusions.

    I expect some day Europe will be almost free of the poison of semitic religion that have infected us for 17 centuries. Perhaps before 22th century. America (the continent) is running late 😛 . And Middle East… it moves backwards directly to Middle… Age, with pride and determination.

    Each people have what they deserve.

    P.S: Good luck with the job! 😉

    • Steven Shuster

      Banned religions just grow more fervent in the shadows, so that’s not really a good option.

      • I don’t know. Islam is not banned in Saudi Arabia and it’s difficult to find more “fervent” (fundamentalist) believers.

        It’s an old question. We must ban fascism in a democracy? Freedom of speech protect ideologies who threatens that freedom?

        I have no answer. :/