• Reminds me of my favorite meme on prayer, “how to to nothing and still think you’re helping!”

  • While it’s true that prayer doesn’t DO anything, turning down someone’s good wishes is rude. When someone says they’ll pray for me, I say, “Thanks for your good wishes,” which makes it clear that I don’t believe in the efficacy of prayer but acknowledges that they’re wishing me well.

    • Mz. D

      While in the hospital for 3 weeks for something very serious, the prayer folk came by asking if they could pray for me.
      I told them no under any and all circumstances no.
      I let the doctors and nurses know the prayer people were not welcome if I was too incapacitated to say it myself, they would know.
      Rude or not we are allowed to say “no”.
      They do not think it is rude to tell us we are going to hell.
      You can play footsies with them if you choose to.
      I choose not to.

    • Ten Bears

      I thank people when they wish me a Merry Christmas, because it messes with their heads. That’s it, thank you. Also freaks ’em out when I tell them if they pray, or take a photo of me I will get physically violent. Hurt them I will, and have. Hunt them down if need be.

  • Steven Shuster

    Last time I said someone could pray for me, they did; right there in front of me! No Thanks, I’d rather have the chicken!

  • Dawn

    Praying is a cop out from actually doing something to help or being there to listen.

  • Isaac42

    Does the female character have a name?

    • theatheistpig

      I think at one point I did name her Connie, but there might have been another name as well early on.

      • Isaac42

        Cool. Thanks.

      • Isaac42

        Christine would seem appropriate, but maybe too spot on.