• I’m sporting my super cool new Atheist Pig T-shirt as I’m typing this and it feels very unholy!

    • theatheistpig

      Totally unholy. If you feel like snapping a pic (you can leave your face out) and send it, I’ll tweet it out.

  • rg57

    Pig assumed that the speaker was male (perhaps has never heard of Christina Hoff Sommers or Karen Straughn or Janice Fiamengo — none of them misogynist jerks, but certainly have been protested and no-platformed as such).

  • I’m convinced that you had one particular feminist in mind when you drew this… which is sad, really.
    Is this satire for both sides of the issue, or are you really on the side of the worst, raunchiest online antifeminism?

    • theatheistpig

      I generally avoid explaining the meaning behind the comics, and rather let the reader draw what conclusions they choose.

      • OK, I’ve reached a few conclusions from your comic, then. You should read wehuntedthemammoth.com a little bit more to really understand the kind of people you’re aligning yourself with.

        • theatheistpig

          Thanks for the link. I’m at work, but will check it out when I get home.