What’s going on with Winston

A quick note to the fans

Production of the comic has been slow lately, and as I recently mentioned on Twitter, things are not good at work.

I work in print media, which as you all know, is a dying industry.
My boss recently told me that cuts are coming, and while my job isn’t yet in danger, the writing is on the wall and I’m not sure how much time I have left.

Because of this, I’ve taken on freelance work to pay off some bills as quickly as possible so in the event that I find myself jobless, I’ll hopefully have enough cash to survive for awhile.
I do have material written, and new material will be coming, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up to know that I’m not disinterested or tired of the work. It’s mainly that much of my free time is spoken for right now.

Fear not. The haram ham isn’t going away just yet.

As always, I do appreciate everyone who supports this endeavor.