The End Of The World As We Know It or Please Tell Me I’m Wrong

I’m just going to come out and say it; Trump is going to fuck this world and there ain’t nothing we can do about it.

That sounds like I’m being hyperbolic, but I’m not. I believe with every ounce of belief I can muster that this could be the end of everything.

I could be wrong; I probably am. As stated in a previous post, I’m not that bright. Still, I have a notion of where I think this administration is going to take us and it’s not going to be pleasant.

Here’s what I think, and please feel free to save this post so you can throw it back at me someday to show me how wrong I was, which I hope is the case.

I believe Steve Bannon when he said that he wants to tear down the system. If you look at what this administration is doing now, and how quickly they’re doing it, it appears that destabilizing the United States and the rest of the planet is the main agenda.

I argued with people during the election who advocated for a disruption of the system, whether that came from Bernie Sanders or from Trump, and my argument is, if the system comes crashing down, there’s no telling what’s going to take its place. I think some people believe that we could replace the current system with one that’s fair and more geared toward the people rather than the corporations. That could happen, but I think it’s a long shot if the U.S. is in shambles.

What is more likely to happen is that if America collapses, and the world collapses, people will be so desperate for a savior, that it’s almost a given that a far right, Christian dictator would rise up with promises of salvation. The people would embrace this savior with open arms, constitution be damned.

I only know of Bannon what I’ve read, but seeing how much this administration is pandering to the religious, this could be the end game. Get us to a point of utter desparation and deliver unto us a savior wrapped in the flag and carrying a bible.

Hell, there are plenty of people who want that right now.

To be fair, Trump is a monster, but he seems only concerned about his ego – his brand – and not much else. He can’t give a speech that doesn’t wind up being about him. No, Trump is a tool, and Bannon is the carpenter.

So how could we get there?

From the looks of things as they stand now, we could either get into a war with China, Iran or Mexico or all three. Could be trade wars or wars with bombs. I’m curious if our economy could sustain, say a trade war with China and a physical war with Iran at the same time. And you can bet if things get that dicey for us, they’re likely to get dicey for the rest of the planet as well because if America is to busy dealing with our problems, who’s keeping watch on everything else going on? Who’s going to intervene if Russia decides to make a massive land grab? Who’s going police tensions between a nuclear India and a nuclear Pakistan? Who’s going to stop North Korea from taking South Korea?

I saw an interview on Bill Maher’s show with Richard Haass who is the president of the Council on Foreign Relations. He said something to the effect that the systems that are in place have been working more or less to keep things sane (relatively) for decades, and to undo those systems would be catastrophic.

It looks like this administration is trying to undo those systems.

As I said, I probably don’t know what I’m talking about, and everything’s probably going to be fine.

Still, it might be a good time to stock up on canned goods, water and survival gear just to be safe.

  • It’s the first time in my 54 years the doomsday preppers actually started to make sense. I’ll be amazed if we make it through four years of this shit intact.

  • AZeus

    The one thing that could save us, is actually Trumps ego. The last thing Trump would want is to see his brand go up in flames. And, that is exactly what will happen if the US makes more enemies. It would be very easy for someone to target a Trump Tower or a Trump Golf Course. It would scare the shit out of people to not stay at any of his location for fear of others Trump locations will be next. On the other hand, an attack on one of Trumps properties could send him into an all out war on the crazy fanatical group that decided to do this. I’m sure he’ll include any country that HE thinks helped, much like George W. Bush did with Iraq.

    Well, maybe, like you said, survival gear is needed just to be safe.