Obama administration responsible for creating more atheists

As I listen to President Obama give interviews during this last week of his presidency, he’s taking credit for a lot of things: improving the economy, creating jobs, and giving healthcare to millions of Americans are among his accomplishments.

But according to at least one person, Obama is responsible for creating more atheists, which if true, is another reason to like the guy.

An article from a Russian website, Pravda Report, claims that Christianity is under attack and that Obama is responsible for people abandoning the faith. Professor of the Department of Missiology at Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University, Alexander Dvorkin, seems to be the only person quoted in the article, and he delivers one easily debunked argument for Christian persecution after another.

Here, I’ll show you.

He states,

“One of the reasons for the growing amount of atheists in the United States is said to be Obama’s policy to transform schools and universities from secular into openly anti-Christian institutions. In many US schools, reading the Bible or the public wearing of crosses may entail penalties . . .”


. . . “In any case, it is already impossible to openly criticize homosexuality.”


. . . “Christian holidays are being erased, and it is considered politically incorrect to congratulate one another on Christmas – one should congratulate each other on the so-called “holiday season.”

Nope, again. See how easy that was?

If you’re an atheist, you’ve no doubt been hearing the same fallacious arguments coming from the religious for awhile. It’s almost like they want to be persecuted.

Oh, that’s right, they do. BecauseĀ if they’re being persecuted, then the Bible is right because it said they’d be persecuted.

Lastly, Dvorkin takes the predictable shot at Hollywood because of the “Occult vision” in Hollywood films that portray Christians as “narrow-minded cranks at best, or malevolent villains at worst.”

I’ve watched a lot of movies and I can’t think of one off the top of my head in which an identifiable Christian character is portrayed as a crank or malevolent villain. In fact, the religious affiliation of most characters in films is unknown or not revealed. Maybe I’m just watching the wrong films, or maybe this guy is making shit up.

And I’ll tell you something else – There’s an awful lot of people going to see these movies with the “occult vision” and they ain’t all atheists. Plenty of Christians go to the movies too.

The only place where Dvorkin gets it somewhat right is when he claims that Christianity is oppressed in the Middle East. About that he says, “. . .they simply kill Christians.” I’m not up to speed on everything that goes on in the Middle East, but I don’t think it’s open season on Christians everywhere there. I could be wrong, or this guy could be making shit up.

Despite the whining, Christians have it pretty good here in America, and throughout much of the world. Believe me, no one – not even us Atheist Pigs – are out to get them. And I can’t help it that people in large numbers are becoming wise to the charade of religion because that’s what’s happening.

Society isn’t conspiring against Christians or any other religion, but rather, people are asking questions, debating and waking up to the fact that religion isn’t the path to enlightenment or knowledge it purports to be. And they’re waking up to the fact that at the end of the day, all religion has to offer is unsubstantiated claims and untestable evidence.

And that’s just not good enough anymore.

  • Robert Graham

    I’m okay with saying Obama is responsible. Just one more way he’s helped to make America great before it goes downhill.

  • I worry the Trump administration will create an atmosphere of distrust of Atheists. I hope I don’t have a persecution complex myself but Atheists are the one group all religions can mutually hate.

  • Some guy

    Just for the record, and to be annoying, apparently you DON’T watch the right movies (I take it you’re not a horror fan).

    All of “Carrie”‘s social and emotional problems stemmed directly from her mom’s religious whackadoodle-ness. The “Poltergeist” sequels revealed that the main evil ghostie thingie had been the leader of a creepy 19th-century Christian cult. The batshit-crazy Mother Superior in “Silent Night, Deadly Night” pushed the already-fucked-up orphan kid over the cliff to psycho-slasherhood. And the bad-guy couple in “The People Under the Stairs” (written and directed by Wes Craven, who was himself a fully recovered religious crackpot, now that I think about it) were an over-the-top, damn-near cartoon of self-righteous, hypocritical Christian wingnuttery.

    For teachings to live by, I’ll take horror movies over the Holy Babble any day, and twice on Sunday. Freddy Krueger bless you, my son.

  • 888American

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  • 888American

    I dont know anyone who hates anyone just because they are atheists. ..A PERSON HATES A MAN..BECAUSE that man DOES EVIL WORKS and seeks to do harm to others..

    Jesus said “by a mans works..ye shall know him”..

    A mans works is what I use to measure a man..whether Atheist ,Christian ,Muslim..Jew…its all about works..

    You guys worry to much…


    • Frank B.

      Yeah… see you are one of those crackers who loves to spread your racial hatred, and tell lies as you are doing it… Year muther-fukker… I got your number.. And I am going to keep an eye on you, bitch.. YOU are just the kind of redneck bastard, that I came to this site to oppose… And from now on….when I see you trying to spread your racist, putin-loving, lying ass propaganda… I will be right behind you to correct your punk lying ass…

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