The Fresh Taste of Crow in the Morning

Disclaimer: I am not smart. I am not well-educated, well-read, erudite or well-spoken. As much as it is an embarrassment to admit these things, I do so, so that everyone take my utterances with a large amount of salt. And whenever you read something that makes you shake your head, please refer to this paragraph.

So American held an election, and to call the results a little polarizing is like calling space a little ‘out there’.

The election of Donald Trump, and the election cycle that preceded it, brought to the surface tensions and hostilities brewing in this country for years.

As with all things polarizing, when things break one way or another, the inevitable finger pointing starts, and this was the case over the last few days. Twitter and Facebook became battlegrounds with people hurling vituperations like pitching machines gone haywire. Full disclosure: I’m guilty of being quite the asshole on Twitter, which I realize is ironic given the above sentence. Hypocrite, thy name is Wisnton.

So what’s this got to do with atheism? Everything.

The divide in the atheist community is reflective of the divide in America. As Martin Hughes over at Barrier Breaker pointed out

“We’re really starting to hate each other, which leads to us attacking each other more, which leads to the atheist movement becoming less and less about attacking religion, and more and more about whether you’re a social justice advocate or an anti-SJW in the atheist arena.”

I don’t want to get into the whole SJW vs Anti-SJW argument here, other than to say it’s one of the core issues that’s separating us as a community and as a country. I, being the non-smart person that I am, have no answers on how to fix this, and it seems we’re destined to travel on opposite paths at least for the time being.

The point is that people who advocate for a secular government are now looking to the future with a sense of dread. True, Trump isn’t an overly religious person – hell, some even speculate that he’s a non-believer. Mike Pence, however, is every bit the Christian, and rumors are that he’s going to be very influential in the Trump administration. I think this, combined with such a decisive victory, emboldened the religious right. Progressive ideas, of which secularism is one, is out of fashion in America today.

I’m a terrible soothsayer. I foresaw Clinton sweeping the country in a landslide. More than a few people said – people whom I mocked and derided – that I was wrong, way wrong. I was. Way wrong.

I don’t know if the atheist community will come together in light of this turn of events; somehow, I think not, but I’m going to try and make an effort. My goal is to be less vocal about politics and more vocal about church and state issues.

Lastly, I do hate the taste of crow, but eating it can often be good for you, I’m told.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to weigh in.

  • Moongrim

    Good luck on separating Politics from Church and Religion. Because the Right Wingers mix it all together. Got the Divine Right of Kings mentality yet?
    Psalm 109: 5-11

  • gracie

    Really hard to separate church and state around here. I’m living in the Mormon Vatican. Nervous? You bet.

    • theatheistpig

      I feel for you. I think, right now anyway, I’m more worried about who he’s going to appoint to his cabinet. I still think Trump is in it for his ego and his surrogates are going to be the primary policy makers.

  • Smarter than Your Average Bear

    I think every non-white, non-christian American needs to be very worried going forward now that Cthulhu is in charge 😉

  • 420 Jiisan

    How’s hypocrite spelled again?

    • theatheistpig


  • ealleniii

    I am, essentially, putting my atheism activism on hold. There are fundamental rights to protect, and, in theory, I need to ally myself with as many as possible to protect them. We need another occupy movement. An occupy america. And we all need to work together.

    If I can just bring myself to forgive the Steinites and the Lazy Bernieites, and move the fuck on. I’m trying. It’s hard. As for the Trumpers, I will never forgive you.

    • theatheistpig

      I understand and support that decision. Please be safe.

  • vincereynard

    I apologise for displaying my ignorance but “I don’t want to get into the whole SJW vs Anti-SJW argument here”

    SJW ??

    • theatheistpig

      Social Justice Warrior

      • vincereynard

        Robin Hood for president?

  • Dan McPeek

    It’s going to be an ugly four years, in many ways, for many people, in this country.
    As for those who supported Trump, may the ugly infect them first.

    • vincereynard

      From this side of the pond, I’m surprised that the fact that a Trump is a childish euphemism for a Fart has not been mentioned. Is it not quite apt for a noxious bag of wind? Would that make his kids Trumpettes? Or even Trumpette crump…. No I shan’t go there.