Pope gives sacrament to cancer patient

Religion News is reporting that Pope Francis recently gave the sacrament of confirmation to a Sicilian teenager suffering from cancer. The 16 year old boy, Giuseppe Chiolo, met with the pontiff at the Vatican where he received the sacrament.

Pope Francis is praised by many for being sensitive to the needs of the sick and disabled. He offered criticism at a mass in June of those who try to marginalize those who cannot “live the lifestyle held up by the culture of pleasure and entertainment.”

He added:

“In an age when care for one’s body has become an obsession and a big business, anything imperfect has to be hidden away, since it threatens the happiness and serenity of the privileged few and endangers the dominant model.”

While meeting with Giuseppe, he offered words of comfort to his parents and other relatives who accompanied the boy. In addition, Francis also met with a girl who suffers from paralysis from a gunshot wound.

No word as yet if His Holiness, or the recently canonized Mother Teresa, were able to conjure up a miracle of healing to cure any of these people, but the Vegas odds of that happening don’t look good.