Liberty Counsel advises churches regarding Boy Scouts

 Liberty Counsel has received questions from churches which have chosen to maintain their association with Boy Scouts of America (BSA) regarding whether their continued involvement with the organization requires them to admit an openly homosexual scout master or youth member. Liberty Counsel has provided model language to ensure that all church programs or uses of property, including scout troops, remain consistent with God’s Word.
For boys, BSA’s January 2014 membership standards require that “no youth may be denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone” and state that “any sexual conduct, whether homosexual or heterosexual, by youth of Scouting age is contrary to the virtues of Scouting. The BSA is not endorsing homosexual conduct nor is it forcing religious chartered organizations to do so.” Therefore, churches may define and enforce behavior and advocacy in chartered scout troops consistent with biblical teaching.

For adult leaders, BSA will not prevent churches from selecting leaders consistent with their religious beliefs. BSA’s legal memo concludes that its right to grant charters to religious organizations is strongly protected under the law. However, when churches are challenged about use of their facilities for same-sex ceremonies, use of restrooms, and other LGBT issues, they hurt their legal defense by allowing the BSA as a recognized group. A better alternative to the BSA is Trail Life USA, which was formed in response to the change in the BSA policy. See

“The once great Boy Scouts of America has taken a great fall when it changes the longstanding policy to allow homosexual scout leaders and members. This change in policy is fraught with danger. While there are ways for churches to protect their integrity and the safety of their young boys, the best alternative is to abandon the scouts because the scouts abandoned them. Trail Life USA is the best alternative to the failed BSA program,” said Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver. “Liberty Counsel will continue to defend the right of churches to make employment and volunteer decisions based on church religious beliefs and the teachings of the Bible,” said Staver.

  • Tim Keating

    You should blockquote this — it wasn’t immediately obvious that you were embedding their press release, and so, for example, it looks like you’re endorsing Trail Life USA.

  • 4DMessiah

    I thought this was interesting — that such an important press release (for their organization) was written by someone who doesn’t understand English that can be read as in the example “You can’t put too much water in a nuclear reactor.”

    Considering the many people who (presumably) read this document prior to its release, – and not one? suggested strongly enough, to make it read properly for historical accuracy?

    Or read properly for those (even native speakers) lacking a “higher than average” command of English use [translation – “fer ya’ll that ain’t got no dictionry in them thar pockets o’ yers”]?

    What of those whose English skills are credible, but they ignorant of this group’s policies as a result of not having children (unmarried or married), no interest or awareness of Scouting, or even because they do not speak English at all!

    Imagine the 15 year old orphaned boy, with his two younger siblings, struggling to cross the border, seeking a better life – away from the cartel violence in Mexico, who intuitively used, having learned Eagle Scout wilderness skills on the fly! to lead a 10 & 6 year old boy and girl that are all that is left of his birth family, safely to (and across) a hostile U.S. border.

    These latter group(s) of people are unlikely to be reading PR Newswire – unless they are trying to locate INS announcements that may impact their border crossing success… and may have a poor but reasonable command of English. They might discover this announcement in the trash, behind an advertising agency (while looking for food and seeking out refuge in a Catholic Church) – and the elder child would read the key sentence in the release and think: ¿Qué? ¿Hacen ellos dejan a homosexuales enseñar los niños a habilidades y ahora no hacen? ¿O es el revés?

    Such confusion reigns due to the abundance of those possessing an “average IQ” as well as those below average! And of all positions to hold, one with such an IQ or below, piloting the organizational/corporate communication function!!



    You quoted:

    “The once great Boy Scouts of America has taken a great fall when it changes the longstanding policy to allow homosexual scout leaders and members. This change in policy is fraught with…

    Which change?

    “changes the long standing policy to allow homosexual…” – is now one that disallows? Or has the long standing policy changed to one that NOW allows?
    1. When it CHANGED the long standing policy to not…
    1a. allow, permit


    2. When it changeD the previous longstanding policy WHICH DID NOT allow / [permit] homosexual…
    2a. When it changeD the previous longstanding policy OF NOT allowING / permitting homosexual…

    When such groups take a stand on any controversial subject – and cannot communicate their own position clearly in their key, defining sentence of “ideals” – is what they are saying worth any more than the poor sentence trying to state it?

    I am inclined to give them, their cause, their “beliefs” and their reasoning for such, a BIG ZERO. It is groups such as this that I take delight in reading that an LGBT person saved the lives of their leadership; the irony of the KKK leader who is saved by the blood of a black person, (or Jew or Catholic), etc.

    Elevating those concerns and categorizations to a national level, that were previously behind closed doors (and spoken out against by those in power — who also happened to take a “wide stance” in airport bathrooms!!) is such a waste of time and effort and money.

    How many Silver Star & Medal of Honor holders are among the LGBT “designation” – for whom without, someone in your own family may not exist were it not for their efforts and courage, bravery & above all, loss – due to their own selfless nature, and people cannot get it through their thick skulls that a sexual preference isn’t something sold “door to door” or “taught” – and that there are far more “heterosexual child molesters” out there than there are their homosexual equivs.

    Where is the public withholding of support and funds, to force the Vatican to do what is right among their own, and yet 1.5 billion followers don’t want to hear about it – or if it is THEIR “Padre” – would willingly call a child “promiscuous” in the defense of someone they choose to deny is guilty of a crime against a child – as a person in authority (as would be any person in authority) but will willingly light the fires at the base of the stake for a wandering type, or other malcontent (or even mentally disabled) – because they have no association, and therefore feel “clean & righteous” in taking such an active role in “conviction and sentencing” even before the trial.