Site update (UPDATED)

First off, I want to say thank you to all those who welcomed Winston back. I’m glad to know this ham is still being enjoyed by all you people.

Second, as you can see there is a new website, and some have asked about the old comics. The sad truth is that most of those are gone. I foolishly didn’t save my archive (I am now.)

I do have a small collection of older comics that have been posted on Tumblr and Facebook. Some of these I plan to upload here as repeats, and some I plan to re-do with updated artwork. Winston’s look has changed considerably since his inception, and I’d like everything to be uniform.

So thanks again for your support. Winston is nothing without his fans.


UPDATE So a fan managed to save my archive of comics. I’m going to go through everything and re-upload some back to the site. Others I still want to re-do because they’re just too funky looking.

Never let it be said that Winston doesn’t have the best fans!

Double Oink!


Welcome back

Well, we’re back finally after a too-long hiatus.

The story of where Winston has been is long, and will be told soon. In the meantime, new comics will be uploaded here, on our Facebook page and on our Tumblr page.

As always, feel free to share the comics as you wish.